Our Mission & Values

Christian Life’s vision is simply a restating of Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28. It is a statement that defines what we do – our work as a staff and church – and expresses what drives and guides every ministry of our church.

Our values, in turn, are the specific, timeless principles that we as a church are predisposed to live by. These values guide our behaviors and decisions as a church. Since we are committed to living these out, each value has a brief explanation and application question for us to ask of ourselves. These aren’t meant to be just the values of our church corporately but of every member of it individually.

Our Mission

We Develop Passionately Devoted Followers of Jesus.

Inspired by the Great Commission our goal simply put is to “go to heaven and take with us as many as we can.”

The way we plan to do it is by developing the passion to live the Christian Life!

Passion is the thrust behind making things happen! As we develop passionately devoted followers of Jesus, we will become like Him and we pray that many will be drawn to God.

Our Values

Biblical Authority

God has spoken and continues to speak to us through His living word and we acknowledge it as the final authority for our everyday lives.

Are my attitudes, convictions, and actions consistent with the scriptures?

Cohesive Culture

We stand in unity on the essentials of our faith and we love one another as we differ on the non-essentials.

By my words and actions, do I contribute to the unity of the church?

Selfless Worship

We gather for worship and live it out as selfless, prayerful, open-handed people.

Am I selfless and God-centered in my worship?

Growing Relationships

Spiritual growth happens best within relationships that reflect the love of God and His diverse family.

Am I building relationships with a smaller group of people?

Strategic Service

Our lives have maximum impact when we strategically invest them where God is working.

Where am I serving?

Intentional Mentoring

We are responsible to invest in others by sharing the wisdom, gifts, and skills that have been entrusted to us.

Am I investing in someone else?

Faithful Stewardship

God trusts us to use the time, talents, and resources He has provided us for His glory.

Am I honoring God with the gifts He has given me?