Your Kids Will Love It Here!

Birth to Kindergarten

Birth to Kindergarten is our ministry for the “little ones.” We believe it is important to impart the word of God to children and take seriously the opportunity to be a part of your young child’s life. Therefore, all classes are staffed with volunteers who have a passion for ministering to children. The youngest begin in Infants and when they are 18 months they move up to Toddler’s where they have teaching, praise and worship, crafts and snack time. Happy Heaven and Beginners are for children three and older. They too have teaching, praise and worship, crafts and snack time.

Super Church

Super church is our Sunday morning ministry to students in 1st through 6th grade. We have our own “Super” service with dynamic preaching as well as, “raise the roof” praise and worship and spectacular puppets, plus a whole lot more!

Our prayer is that every Super Church kids’ life will be transformed by the word of God. And we believe that it is important to create an atmosphere where the students feel empowered to use his/her talents for God’s glory and commission them to take what they know outside the walls of the church to lead others to Christ!

We meet on the 1st – 4th Sunday of each month.

On the 5th Sundays of any months, children will be in the main service with their parents.